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  • A green star for better recycling

    RLG launches the first take-back system for Apple and HP in Vietnam.

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  • All worn-out: re­­con­ditioned wheelchairs and other re­ha­bi­li­tation equipment save time and money

    Thanks to sophisticated logistics, medical rehabilitation equipment can be reused many times over.

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  • One standardized access layer to heterogeneous International Regulations

    RLG facilitates international expansion by keeping track of various Environmental Compliance requirements and cost: A Client Case for RLG's Environmental Compliance Solutions.

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  • The wonderful world of the disposable deposit system

    How a clearing service provider calculates national disposable deposit systems down to the very last cent. How schoolchildren are recognising the value of rubbish. And how PET bottles can be used to make t-shirts.

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  • Give me rubbish, give me scrap. I can always find some use for it

    The raw materials revolution: Professional service providers are forging the path from disposables to the global recycling economy. By employing highly specialised IT systems.

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