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Maximizing control through one integrated platform for enhanced After Sales Services

RLG‘s comprehensive solution for managing reverse logistics flows enables a manufacturer to harmonize its service quality level on an international scale while saving cost and enhancing transparency.


Our client was managing a decentral organization for service returns. In order to be able to provide a fast and reliable repair service to their Customers, they set up a Repair Center in nearly every market they entered across Europe. As a result, they needed to keep large inventory of replacement product and spare parts stock spread all over Europe, lacking overview and inconsistency in service delivery.
Moreover, as repair services have been managed locally, the service quality throughout the various countries differed a lot and customer satisfaction was at risk.
For RLG, it was the perfect opportunity to prove how they could help this customer’s problem through an Integrated Solution for Returned Goods.


RLG’s integrative process starts with the incoming customer request: All calls and contacts from both, B2C and B2B, Customers are now centrally managed and processed through one Integrated Returns platform that involves all stakeholders. Its user-friendly design facilitates Help Desk Teams to assure a high-level of customer care.
In addition, the Return Logistics processes are consolidated and controlled through the RLG Integrated Returns Platform, enabling cost savings and providing a uniform overview into the complete Reverse Supply Chain. The ‘end-to-end’ process from product collection to repaired product delivered back to the customer is fully traceable through our integrated systems.
In close cooperation with the customer, repair services have been standardized and optimized. Routing of items to be repaired is dynamic and can, by request from our customer, be changed if circumstances dictate. Cycleon supported the client to move from a decentralized to a centralized set up.

Value Return

Through the Integrated Platform, our Client got a full overview of all activities connected to service requests and defective product repairs, allowing them to safeguard a constant level of quality while reducing spare parts stock.
RLG’s solution helped to reach 7 major goals:

> Enhanced Customer Experience
> Simplification & standardization
> Future-Proof
> Flexibility & Scalability
> Greater Vendor Control
> Cost Reduction of 15%
> Seamless integration with client’s partners

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Cycleon is part of the Reverse Logitics Group (RLG). We design, build and manage on behalf of our customers tailor made reverse logistics solutions that will enhance your customer loyalty and create value.

The Reverse Chain Solutions of Cycleon provide transparency, operational efficiency and control. Any return management solution can be designed for any product or service, from envelopes to pallets; there are no limitations to our service offerings!