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One standardized access layer to heterogeneous International Regulations

RLG facilitates international expansion by keeping track of various Environmental Compliance requirements and cost: A Client Case for RLG's Environmental Compliance Solutions.


A US-based manufacturer of business electronic equipment was growing fast and expanding internationally. Selling electronic devices, the company faced a variety of regulatory obligations regarding take-back and disposal of end-of-life products with every market they entered.
Compliance was non-negotiable, but tackling difficult requirements in each new market took them precious time in preparing their entry to market. Once handed over to local staff, headquarters struggled to keep track of cost and fulfillment of Environmental Compliance in this complex international set-up. Ultimately, the risk for being non-compliant or causing unreasonable cost through incorrect reporting was continuously growing. The OEM needed a solution for ease of control and a comprehensive suite of data related to environmental compliance.
RLG could immediately help with their turn-key Environmental Compliance Management Solution.


As a first step, RLG gathered all product data from the client connected to Environmental Compliance such as: product attributes, put-to-market volumes, contracts and specifications of Compliance Schemes, import-export volumes etc. for all relevant markets. This information was consolidated into the RLG Environmental Compliance Management IT platform.
While entering, all data was audited and completed in order to be compatible with the requirements of International Regulations, Authorities and Compliance and/or Take-Back schemes. Based on rules and categorization within the RLG platform, data post-processing was streamlined and happened almost automatically – closely monitored by RLG’s specialists. As a result, the OEM for the first time got the full picture of all obligated quantities reported to Compliance Schemes as well as underlying cost and was thus able to name and compare cost of every single product.
By mapping product data to put-on-market information, obligated quantities can be precisely calculated, taking into account cross-border shipments as well as the handling of own-use and return volumes.
All information is being accurately archived and prepared for submission to the relevant authorities. Additionally, all contracts with Compliance Schemes have been checked for correctness. Hence, their Environmental cost has become transparent and predictable and entry into new markets in the future much easier to prepare for, while compliance is safeguarded.

Value Return

Having outsourced Environmental Compliance Management to RLG specialists, the OEM is benefiting in various ways:
> The black box “Environmental Compliance” has been converted into a predictable and transparent matter with full control on reports and cost.
> Ongoing expansion and growth could therefore be accelerated, while compliance is safeguarded and the brand is protected.
> Knowing the cost and being able to compare them helped the client to leverage cost optimization potential.
> Last, but not least, the OEM could free their staff from complex and often overburdening regulatory attention.

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