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Solving a customer need while leveraging additional revenue

RLG combined recycling with extraction of secondary resources to facilitate an affordable recycling solution for our client’s customers of agricultural primary products.


Supplying agricultural production companies throughout Europe, our client was one of three competitors in a specific market segment sharing one concern: the unsolved disposal issue of their product due to high collection and processing costs.
Specialized in integrated solutions, RLG saw the opportunity to set-up a real recycling solution that includes secondary resources extraction and thus money return. In our client’s case, the end-of-life product could be extracted for material that makes perfect fuel for furnaces.


To proof the concept and gather relevant experience, RLG and the client firstly agreed in doing a pilot project within a limited geographical area.
Initially, RLG set up a network of service partners for the pick-up, consolidation and treatment of the end-of-life products to extract them for the valuable secondary material. Additionally, RLG identified outlets to sell the secondary materials.

Once implemented, the whole process chain has been controlled and monitored by RLG with its proven IT mass flow management platform to achieve maximum transparency. Moreover, quality checks and evaluations at every step of the process assured a smooth processing.
After the pilot project has been closed successfully, the model will now be expanded to various countries around the globe.

The process has been designed as follows:

Value Return

The concept proofed to make a convenient and affordable service for our client’s customers and apparently added a real competitive edge to our client’s offering: Proven track records quantify a plus of 10% more costumers due to the attractively-priced and easy to order disposal service.

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